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PayRange BluKey Access

Unlock the Future of Retail Security

In an era of rising retail theft, PayRange BluKey Access™ delivers a groundbreaking technology solution designed to combat theft, maximize sales, streamline operations, and elevate the customer experience. PayRange BluKey Access™ integrates seamlessly into new and existing retail merchandising displays and transforms traditional merchandising into a digitized, verified access-controlled experience. Verified PayRange users can simply launch the PayRange App and unlock the display case to retrieve the product. Network controls limit the display cases that can be opened in any period across the entire network across stores. Any user suspected of nefarious activity can have their mobile device revoked and prevented from unlocking display cases across the network.

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Seamless Integration

PayRange BluKey Access integrates seamlessly into new and existing retail merchandising displays seamlessly. The patented BluKey Access transform traditional merchandising displays into a digitized, verified, access-controlled experience.  

Discover the benefits of more secure merchandising

Theft Prevention

Reduce theft and unauthorized access to high-value products, safeguarding your inventory and profit margins.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce IT burden and minimize the need for constant store associate intervention, freeing up labor resources for more valuable tasks.

Flexible Security Measures

Tailor the security settings to align with your unique requirements, ensuring a balance between security and a frictionless shopping experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Eliminate the friction and long wait times for genuine customers, enhancing their overall shopping experience and fostering loyalty.

Reduce Risk & Improved Compliance 

Rely on immi, the in-app PayRange verification solution that verifies age and authenticates an ID. Useful for products with age compliance requirements.

No Expensive Equipment or Network Connection Required

BluKey Access requires no internet or network connectivity. The patented device leverages the user’s connectivity.

BluKey Activate unlocks high value products

Discover more secure merchandising solutions. 

Learn how PayRange's patented technology can empower high-Value products with smart connectivity. Unlock new possibilities for product activation, secured access and syncing new product features. 

What to learn more about our secure merchandising solutions? 

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