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Cue up Mobile.
Rack up Revenue.

Modernize your Billiards with the PayRange Mobile Payment Solution

Below you will find resources to help you get started with PayRange 

Follow the steps required to get started with PayRange. 

Steps to Get Started

Need technical assistance? Schedule a support call. Or visit support center


Download installation manuals, training videos, and more. 

Training Resources

Learn where to place PayRange decals and find promotional materials.

Marketing Materials

Learn how to grow your busines with PayRange built in marketing campaigns.

Getting Started with PayRange

The following steps will guide you through how to get started with PayRange

Create PayRange MANAGE Operator Account 

To enable PayRange on your table(s), you first must set up an Operator Account in PayRange Manage.

Register your PayRange Device

You must register your PayRange device in order for your machine to accept PayRange mobile payments. 

Set up your Bank Information

To reimburse you for your machine transactions, you must first set up your banking information in PayRange MANAGE.

Install your

PayRange Device

In order for PayRange to remit payment to your business, you must set up your banking information in PayRange MANAGE.

Add PayRange Decals to your Table

In order for PayRange to remit payment to your business, you must set up your banking information in PayRange MANAGE.

Create a PayRange MANAGE Operator Account

What is

Included with every PayRange Billiard BluKey device is PayRange MANAGE, our advanced backend business management software suite.


PayRange MANAGE provides real-time analytics and performance of all your PayRange-enabled tables and serves as your go-to system for monitoring your mobile sales, generating detailed sales reports, creating customer offers, and tracking customer purchasing behaviors.

You need an Operator Account with PayRange to manage your BluKey devices and receive deposits for your sales. 

Follow the below steps to set up your PayRange 
MANAGE Operator Account

Visit in your web browser.

Select "Operator Sign up" at the bottom of the page.

Provide your name, email, and create a password. Click “Next”.

Enter your mobile number, receive a verification code via SMS, enter the code, and click "Next."

Complete the account setup by filling in your relevant business information.

To Register your PayRange Device


Ensure your machines can accept PayRange mobile payments by registering your PayRange device. You can register the PayRange device before or after installation, but we recommend registering your device during installation. This ensures you can specify the machine location and machine details for each registered device.

What's Required for On-Site Device Registration?

  • Locate the PayRange BluKey device serial number and PIN ID on the back of the device under the barcode. If you did not order your PayRange device direct from PayRange, refer to your order invoice for the device serial number and PIN ID. 

  • Have the PayRange installation for Billiards manual accessible. (Click Here for Billiards Installation Manual]

  • Take a photo of the table you installed PayRange on. You will have the option to upload your own image for what users will see when selecting your machine in the PayRange app.


Follow the below steps to register your PayRange device

Click on “Device” tab located on the left navigation bar and select “Register”.

Enter the required registration information in the “Register” tab.

Need more help? 

Setting up your Banking Information


To reimburse you for your table transactions, PayRange automatically sends payments to your designated bank account  every week using ACH payments You must first set up your banking information in PayRange MANAGE. Make sure you have the below items ready at time of banking set up:

Follow the below steps to set up your Banking Information in PayRange MANAGE

Select "PAYMENTS" from the left menu option.

Complete the identity verification process so PayRange can update your bank account details. 

After verification is completed, return to your PayRange MANAGE account and refresh the web browser page (Payments page). 

The bank account fields will appear and will now be available for you to edit the fields shown in the banking section. 

To learn more about connecting your bank to PayRange MANAGE, visit our bank account setup page in the Support Center.

Installing your PayRange Device

You must register your PayRange device in order for your machines to accept mobile payment

We designed the PayRange mobile payment solution in a way that makes it simple and easy to install. Most operators can handle the installation themselves with the help of PayRange installation support materials. However, to ensure a successful installation please review the below installation requirements.

What's Required for Installation


Access to Table

Access coin mechanism and ball return. 


External Battery

Not included with PayRange Billiards System. Recommended battery.


Log in to PayRange App

Log in to the PayRange App using your MANAGE Operator account credentials


Installation Manual

Ensure you have the Billiards Installation manual. 

Need a helping hand? Visit the support center or schedule a call with Tech Support. 

A Guide to PayRange Decal Placement


Maximize Impact.
Unleash the power of PayRange promotional materials. 

Transforming your customers from cash to mobile payment enthusiasts demands PayRange awareness. That’s why with every PayRange order you receive table decals and our "How to" decals. In addition to these decals, PayRange offers a variety of promotional materials. Showcase your PayRange decals to maximize mobile adoption and ensure you don't miss out on potential revenue!

Coin Mechanism.
The perfect place for PayRange decal.

Did you know that you can boost your mobile adoption just by placing PayRange signage in the right location?  We have found that billiard owners who place PayRange signage near their coin change machines have much higher adoption of mobile usage.  


Place the PayRange "How to" decal near the ball return

PayRange recommends placing the "How to" decal below your tables ball return. Here, your customers can learn how to get started with paying to play with their phone. Visit our promotional shop to find additional signage that can be placed throughout your location for greater visibility. 

Grow Your Business
with PayRange Promotional Kits

A variety of PayRange promotional materials are available for purchase. You select the materials that work best for your business and we'll do the rest. High quality promotional materials shipped directly to your location. Visit our online promotional shop for available options.  

Customize Automated Marketing Programs to Grow Your Business


Customize your Automated Marketing Campaigns

The simplicity and convenience of PayRange mobile payment solution drives high adoption rates, leading to increased spending per transaction and higher table play frequency by mobile consumers. PayRange MANAGE offers operators a range of preset automated marketing campaigns including the STARS Reward Program and the New User Campaign, both designed to increase revenue and reward your loyal customers.

Grow your business with the PayRange STARS Program

The PayRange STARS program is a built in consumer loyalty program, designed to be a simple yet powerful driver towards increasing your consumer spend. Your consumers will earn STARS based on their spend amount and can be rewarded with free purchase rewards.

You set the spending amount required for a free table play, giving you the flexibility to tailor rewards to your business goals. To drive loyalty to your business, consumers can only earn and redeem rewards from spending at your specific tables. 


Attract and Reward Mobile Users with the New User Campaign

PayRange MANAGE marketing programs are designed to be specifically tailored to your business. You set the spending amount required for a free purchase, giving you the flexibility to tailor rewards to your business goals. Set the number of STARS required for a free purchase reward, and watch as customer loyalty grows.

PayRange for Billiards Training Resources

Find helpful resources to assist with set up, install, and more. 


Testing Installation using the PayRange App Video 

Need a helping hand? Visit the support center or schedule a call with Tech Support. 

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