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Ditch the tokens.
Pay with your phone.

Welcome to the easiest way to pay at the table! PayRange, the mobile payment provider of the 2023 APA World Championship Tournament, is a hassle-free mobile payment app designed to make your life a little easier! No more digging for tokens this tournament. PayRange lets you pay the table, all with a simple swipe of your phone.  

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Download the App

and Your First Game is Free! 

Available on iOS or Android

Watch how pool players use PayRange to pay the tables


Scan the QR code located on the billiards table to download the free PayRange app 


Create your account and add funds to your PayRange mobile wallet


Select your table number in the app, or scan the QR code on the table


Swipe to send payment and begin your game

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How it Works

Get started in a few simple steps and join the millions of people who trust PayRange
to pay at the machine.

Simple. Fast. Secure.

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